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Sales cycle processes, account activities, sale opportunities, sale strategies, competitive intelligence, quota performance, sales conversion rates and other key performance indicators are typically displayed as online dashboards, pre-configured queries and reports which offer flexible sorting, filtering and drill-down to source transactions.

10 Benefits for Managers

1.  Increase Sales Productivity And Team Morale
2.  Stop Asking Teams To Send Daily Reports, Its All Auto Generated
3.  Individual/Team’s Performance Hotspots Are Quickly Identified
4.  Track Lead Generation & Marketing Campaigns Efficiency
5.  Focused Marketing Efforts Based On Real Results
6.  Up To Date And Relevant Communication With Team
7.  Manage Customer History, Database & Leads Without Duplication
8.  Reports & Customizations Possible Based On Upcoming Requirements
9.  Effective Use Of Marketing budget and Get Better Results From It
10.  Better Target V/S Achievement with help of Target Module

The simplified User Interface makes the reports more user friendly. We have tools that architect to support the collection of consumer data and the use of that data to enable & enhance sales & service opportunities. The report helps department heads to evaluate performance of team & predict growth for coming quarters. Analysis is done automatically and reports are given as results saving time and also dramatically decreasing errors making it easy for sales presentations.


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