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Almost all business applications in market are designed by data engineers keeping the interest of top management alone, this is the main reason why most of these applications fail to create an impact with workforce. Our tools are designed by performing sales executives along with business consultants and analysts keeping in mind 360 degree sales growth. We have added what is really required for sales executives to become champion salesmen and earn better incentives.

10 Benefits for Sales People

1.  Automatically Know Upcoming Follow Up’s & Site Visits
2.  Stay up-to-date on what’s happening, Rationalize your sales moves
3.  Pending Activities & Expected Bookings are Highlighted
4.  Most User Friendly And Easy To Learn Sales Application
5.  No More Sending Daily Reports, Its All Auto Generated
6.  100% Customizable Fields & Statuses, Less Clicks/Typing Required
7.  Add Limitless Contacts & Customer Information, Never Miss an Opportunity.
8.  Effective Time Management & Can Set Reminders on SMS & Emails
9.  Target Module Option Helps You Achieve Your Targets Faster
10.  More & More Follow up’s, Meetings, Bookings, Collections and Incentives + More..

Highest priority is given for simple easy to use designs, easy navigation and self-explanatory work flows, that makes our applications dearer to sales people. Heavy focus is given to increase follow up’s, reminders, customer visits, conversions and customer references. The biggest difference in our solutions is the fully automated daily reporting tools. Now executives can stop worrying about sending daily reports, once they are done with their follow ups and leads are updated then all reports are automatically generated to higher management. The reports are generated in different formats including meeting ready presentations which highlights performance of individual/team.


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